P  I  N  T  H  W

PINTHW is pronounced ‘Pinth’ but stands for ‘philosophy-in-the-wild.’


PINTHW is an ongoing, collaborative, multimedia and multi-platform non-philosophy project by Bogna Konior and Yvette Granata.


PINTHW began in May 2016 when we traveled to Lamma Island (Pok Liu Chau, or 南丫島)in the South China Sea and recorded a performative philosophical dialogue over four nights while walking in darkness. On the island:


1. Frogs get trapped in the old sewer system making the island sound like it is possessed by demons.


2. There is a place called Cave Kamikaze, where the Japanese kamikaze speedboat pilots hid their boats while they waited for ships in order to zoom out into the ocean to blow themselves up  We recorded the sounds of this cave.


3. And there are three kinds of venomous snakes on the island, including a deadly mamba and a cobra, centipedes, giant spiders, and packs of feral dogs.


We think about these snakes and feral dogs, and these sounds and the island darkness, as we walk the island.






Conceptually, we operate at the intersection of the Laruelle / Schmid non-standard method, de-colonial theory and the ontological turn, as well as feminist philosophy.   We utilize texts (writing, reading) as well as performance and new media art to unveil an underdetermined wilderness of thought. PINTHW is an integrative project and a methodology that takes shape anew in each of its specific incarnations.


When we speak of 'the wild' we do not mean 'nature' or the natural environment. We take 'the wild' as the place of thought. Borrowing from Anne Francoise Schmid who speaks of 'philosophy in the field,' we move from the field to the wild as an unknown place, a philosophy yet to be known.


At the same time, pinthw aims to produce a radical aesthetic anarchy, exploring the inanthropomorphological human-in-darkness as a foreground of an art formed by the invention of its own method of ancestor politics.