P  I  N  T  H  W

As a shift from the enlightenment model, which is predicated on the conceptual relation of ‘darkness and light’ whereby ‘light’ is an inherently theological representation of knowledge, instead, we look through the non-standard relation of darkness and venom. We think through the proposition of ‘venom knowledge’ as an alternative relation for a non-theological model of thought.


 We address this theological kernel of ‘the light’ and the innate ‘Idea’ of philosophy by performing a speculative archaeological excavation of ‘venom thought’, which we call ‘envenoment.’ Our aim is not to make comment from a peripheral place, nor to enter into an amended space within the current (institutional) philosophical regime, but rather we argue that it is ‘the place’ itself that has been contaminated by the androcentric fidelities of philosophy that perpetually reproduces toxic peripheries.  We therefore look to the threshold of philosophical spaces, and produce a philosophy of venom as a radical subjectivity that is corollary to (i.e., necessarily outside of) enlightenment thought. Thinking through the envenomation of philosophy, we employ non-standard methods.  Envenoment includes the conceptualization of the woman-in-person as a generic anti-christ of the dark, the venom of the last instant of philosophy.