P  I  N  T  H  W



Island - garden - fall but you cannot fall if you are superposed / Lamma island - upon discovery by portugese they use lama (mud) to name the island / However, it was a Portuguese notation as to the holding (consistency of the seabed from the point of view of anchoring there), which was (and is) mud – in Portuguese "lama"/ holding + consistency / old chinese name has similar connotations 博寮洲 - first character can denote “parking” / “holding” but overtime they changed it also to a character that is similar to also denote “knowledge”. Simple name means “footprint’ (island that looks like a footprint the south of hong kong). First it was more “island that allows for parking holding” on way to Guangdon, then “knowledge” was inscribed into the characters to make it more fancy. But footing / holding is already fancy, can’t they see!


There are also stone circles on lamma, which date back to prehistoric hong kong -> 3000-4000 BC no one knows their purpose) {there also used to be a cult of goddess Mazu on Lamma which means ‘mother ancestor’. “She wore red garments while standing on the shore to guide fishing boats home, even in the most dangerous and harsh weather.”}