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Against Speculative Sufficiency! premiered at Tuning Speculation IV in Toronto, November 2016 as a performance lecture.



We nod in agreement both when we hear the proposition of cymatics (that sound creates matter), the modulations of dark animism (that sound puts thought in a relation of predation with the ontologically promiscuous world), and the rebellions of Francois Laruelle’s non-standard method, where speculation as a type of immanent philo-fictionalizing equates itself with a performative invention.



We seek not a state in which philosophy or art gives voice to the Real, but a mistuning to its occluded rhythm and entombed history.



Against speculative sufficiency!




What is Speculative Sufficiency?


Speculative Sufficiency says: ‘what if’ and ’it could have been otherwise’ We say, ‘But it was otherwise. It did happen.’  Deleuze points out of Plato’s Simulacra that the Stranger says there is no falseness, that the simulacra is real.  Even though Plato brought it up, he ignored this comment by the Stranger.


Deleuze brings back Plato’s point to say the simulacra is difference. He continues where Plato had ignored. We say though there was a death of that simulacra of Stranger in Plato’s inattention When Deleuze brings the stranger back, it is a the death of the stranger brought back without speaking of such death as having been there all along. This is a speculative sufficiency.


The death of the simulacra has repeated always, but unspoken.


The death of the simulacra is the poison philosophy that we speak from graves.